Expressing Emotions Through Art

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Woman's hand holding a paintbrush to express her emotions through painting.

My daughter is the key to my life. She helped me love myself again, and she saved me from my abuser. Even when the storm came in, and tore me from inside out, she was there to save me. I should have called her Angel because her voice was of one, so sweet and pure to my life. Here is how I got the inspiration of creating beautiful art through my emotions. 

You see, in the beginning, there seems to be no end to being hurt by my abusers. They put up cages where I could not get out. When I cried out, they tried to silence me. When I tried to get out, they sought to kill me. It was only because of the sweet angel that said, “Don’t hurt my Mommy” and the Lord protected me. 

Today, there are still the hurts and sorrows that come from being in an abusive relationship. But now, I hold the key to get out of the cages that surround me. I feel as though I am a bird, soaring in the full sunshine. I am thankful that I have a voice to share with others who experienced the same. 

Maybe this is why I create art of birds and animals. Their freedom from cages, their flights, and their feathers enthrall me and others. The music of children’s voices, so innocent and pure, lift me up and give thanks for being alive. 

Art is a way to express these emotions. There is a permanence within my art. Especially when you have engravings that carve this way and that. You put those emotions into each curve, creating them lovingly, and then express that love to the world. 

I put that love into my art. By using my voice and art to help others, I can continue on my journey and create beautiful art. This way I have a true love for others who deal with the same struggles. By loving myself I can help others love themselves again. My loving heart can bear the sorrows and make me strong once more. Check out my heartfelt and beautiful art.  

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