Creating Art to Heal our Hearts – How I Managed to Deal with Pain

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A shot of an artist's studio, showing different paintings and materials. | A way to heal through art.

For sale: baby shoes, never worn. This famous sentence, ascribed to Ernest Hemingway is a story inside itself. Unfortunately, I know all too well what this feeling is like. My experience with loss is the reason I create. And this is how I heal.

Creating Art to Heal 

An OB-GYN visit confirmed my baby was a boy. We prepared for his arrival joyously. However, his little life was cut short. I suffered a stillborn miscarriage at eight months. Instead of welcoming him to our family, I said goodbye. I held him as if he was still alive and smelled his new baby scent. 

Art has therapeutic benefits. For many experiencing trauma, loss, as well as grief, art allows individuals to be still with their emotions. Art also allows for a transformation of unspeakable pain. A form of unlocking occurs, opening up the movement as well as the release of sad memories. I have experienced exactly this in my studio. Working with paint as well as special engravings. A form of catharsis occurs. I am able to be comforted knowing that my baby is in good hands, sleeping in peace with other baby angels. The precious thoughts and memories of him in my belly, our hearts beating together, synchronized. 

I am an artist in his honor. In fact, after such a profound loss, it feels freeing to bring beautiful art into this world as well as to make something out of nothing. I spend time in the studio, inspired by him as well as all the love in the world. I am transforming my pain through painting symbols of life; butterflies, whales, birds, and more. I create art to heal my heart, and hopefully yours. Please visit my shop and find out more.

In Loving Memory of Christopher K. Lewis  Jr. — May 26, 2010.

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