Through Love and Art: Healing from Abuse

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Female painter holding a paintbrush and palette with different colors of paint.

A loving heart can bear the sorrows of life. I am strong again. I have a voice again. Abuse takes many shapes and is meted out by many hands. It is also a raging storm that inflicts more than just physical damage. It is a cage as well as a burden.

My past abusers took all that I had. I was weighed down by their oppression, but the Lord saw fit to lift me up. He empowered my eight-year-old daughter to raise her voice in my defense, saving me from certain death at the hands of my abuser. I should have named her Angel. It was her voice that saved my life—the voice of an angel!!! She pleaded—no, she demanded, “Don’t hurt my mommy!” And I am here today, alive, and continuing on my journey towards empowerment as well as creating beautiful art.

Healing from Abuse

Art can be healing—it is transformative, it requires focus, heart, as well as guts. With art, you put yourself out there, it makes one vulnerable. But I embrace this vulnerability, it is my choice and my strength. I have learned to love myself, to know that I am worthy of love. It is also through this transformation that I can give love to others who are dealing with similar struggles. Perhaps recounting both my abuse as well as recovery will enable others to discover their own strengths.

It is only half true that “time heals all wounds.” The path to recovery is an arduous one. But having a passion or creative outlet can help make the process bearable. I was given a second chance, and I am grateful that I have a voice to share my experiences. My heart and mind are light as a bird; my life is full of sunshine, and my purpose is renewed through my daughter. Returning to the darkness is not an option—I refuse to go.

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