Unique Art – The Secret to an Artist’s Thankful Heart

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Set of watercolor paints, brushes for painting and paper sheet of painting on old wooden background.

There’s a secret to why I smile when I create unique art. Why every time I pick up a paintbrush there’s a feeling of gratitude that follows. Do you want to know the secret behind my smile, why I’m thankful for the unique art I create?

When I was three years old, I almost lost my thumb. Shocker, isn’t it? Now let me explain how this happened. While playing a game with my brother I had decided to hide behind the door. Elated that he couldn’t find me, I had placed my hand right behind the door. Right in the crack of the door. My brother not noticing my hand and not being able to find me slams it on my thumb.

I’m sure you can imagine what happened next. I can still remember the pain from the door closing on my hand. And how immediately my brother opened it, startled from the sound of my scream. But by then it was too late, my right thumb was already hanging on by a small thread of skin. Now I bet you’re wondering if I lost my thumb? Well luckily for me, I was able to get to surgery quick enough. My doctor informed us that because I was young enough my bones would mend back together.

Now, how’s that a secret to my unique art, to my smile? And why does it make it unique? It makes my art unique because I know that the Lord created me to share my art. The memory of almost losing my thumb was kind of like reaffirming to me, that this is the path I’m meant to take. And for that I am grateful, and I smile because of it.

I smile when creating my art, and it’s unique because of this secret, and now you know. If this story made you smile, so will my art. Go check it out here.

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