Artist Profile: Getting to Know Jessica Washington-Lewis

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Artist's different paintbrushes on top of different paint colors.

“As a child, I really enjoyed drawing pictures of everything that God created.”

Nothing could describe Jessica’s artistic sensibility more vividly. Her work is free-spirited, addressing a wide range of subjects and mediums in a unique and flowing style that is both optimistic and mysterious. To understand her work though, it helps to understand who Jessica is.

The Beginnings of an Artist

Jessica knew she wanted to be an artist when she was only five years old. She got her first taste of success when she won the Fall Weather Window picture contest at her elementary school in 1987.

In middle school, she participated in the Alabama Federal Junior Duck Stamp Contest, a prestigious award for emerging artistic talent where she placed third out of the entire state. The feeling of bringing her artistic vision to life and sharing it with an audience is a feeling that’s stayed with her to this very day.

After high school, she entertained the idea of going to art school but took a small detour instead.

Serving Her Country

Coming out of high school Jessica took steps to ensure that her future would be a successful one. She joined the United States Army, serving as a communications specialist for five years before being discharged.

After completing her service, Jessica made good on her dream of art school. In 2015, she formally enrolled in the Art Instruction School in Minneapolis. During her tenure there, Jessica received the Award for Basic Art Studies and her Certificate of Completion in 2019.

Living Her Dreams

Jessica is excited to announce the launch of her product line, Jessica’s Unique Art Shop, an e-commerce storefront where she offers engravings, paintings, and printed merchandise featuring her signature designs.

To Jessica, art is more than just a product though. She is actively engaged in multiple therapy programs aimed at veterans, including the VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System’s Intimate Partner Violence Assistance program where she has submitted her work for the last four years. For her, art is part of life’s healing process.

When asked what artistic direction she wants to move in next, Jessica replied, “I am essentially interested in creating works that call for the participation of the audience to the same extent as my involvement in it.”

If you’d like to see more of Jessica’s uniquely beautiful artwork, please visit her at Jessica’s Unique Art Shop.