Through Love and Art: Healing from Abuse

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Female painter holding a paintbrush and palette with different colors of paint.

A loving heart can bear the sorrows of life. I am strong again. I have a voice again. Abuse takes many shapes and is meted out by many hands. It is also a raging storm that inflicts more than just physical damage. It is a cage as well as a burden.

My past abusers took all that I had. I was weighed down by their oppression, but the Lord saw fit to lift me up. He empowered my eight-year-old daughter to raise her voice in my defense, saving me from certain death at the hands of my abuser. I should have named her Angel. It was her voice that saved my life—the voice of an angel!!! She pleaded—no, she demanded, “Don’t hurt my mommy!” And I am here today, alive, and continuing on my journey towards empowerment as well as creating beautiful art.

Healing from Abuse

Art can be healing—it is transformative, it requires focus, heart, as well as guts. With art, you put yourself out there, it makes one vulnerable. But I embrace this vulnerability, it is my choice and my strength. I have learned to love myself, to know that I am worthy of love. It is also through this transformation that I can give love to others who are dealing with similar struggles. Perhaps recounting both my abuse as well as recovery will enable others to discover their own strengths.

It is only half true that “time heals all wounds.” The path to recovery is an arduous one. But having a passion or creative outlet can help make the process bearable. I was given a second chance, and I am grateful that I have a voice to share my experiences. My heart and mind are light as a bird; my life is full of sunshine, and my purpose is renewed through my daughter. Returning to the darkness is not an option—I refuse to go.

I Survived the Storm: How Creating Art Has Helped Me Through

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Painter's tools on a wooden-table palette showing different colors of paint and paintbrushes.

In the now distant past, an angelic voice called out to my abuser: “Do not hurt my Mommy!” That angelic voice was from the lips of my eight-year-old daughter. I should have named her Angel. That is what she is to me, an angel. Because of her call, I was saved from a storm, the fate of a death where my remains would have been hidden away forever by the hands of my abuser.

How I Survived the Storm

I lived in an abusive situation. During that time a storm came brought forth by my abuser and did its damage. So, my heart lived in a cage. I had a key to enter the cage. Once inside the cage, the key changed. I no longer had a key to get out. Deep inside my soul, I cried out. I had no voice to explain my feelings, what I was going through. There seemed to be no end to the pain from the one who hurt me.

The day my daughter used her angelic voice, I found another key to open the cage. I left the cage and flew away. Now, I’m like a bird soaring through the air, kissing the winds with my wingtips. Sunshine fills my life after God had protected me on that fateful day.  

I begin the journey of healing by loving myself. My loving heart bears the sorrows of life and makes me strong again. Now I have a voice to speak up, share with others who also struggle with the same obstacle I overcame, and I love them too. I survived the storm. I am alive, happy, and grateful. Today I can continue on my journey of creating beautiful art. I can do this all because my daughter spoke up for me and saved my life.

See the beauty I have the privilege to bring into this world through doing my art by contacting me. I’m happy to answers any questions about my art.  

Expressing Emotions Through Art

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Woman's hand holding a paintbrush to express her emotions through painting.

My daughter is the key to my life. She helped me love myself again, and she saved me from my abuser. Even when the storm came in, and tore me from inside out, she was there to save me. I should have called her Angel because her voice was of one, so sweet and pure to my life. Here is how I got the inspiration of creating beautiful art through my emotions. 

You see, in the beginning, there seems to be no end to being hurt by my abusers. They put up cages where I could not get out. When I cried out, they tried to silence me. When I tried to get out, they sought to kill me. It was only because of the sweet angel that said, “Don’t hurt my Mommy” and the Lord protected me. 

Today, there are still the hurts and sorrows that come from being in an abusive relationship. But now, I hold the key to get out of the cages that surround me. I feel as though I am a bird, soaring in the full sunshine. I am thankful that I have a voice to share with others who experienced the same. 

Maybe this is why I create art of birds and animals. Their freedom from cages, their flights, and their feathers enthrall me and others. The music of children’s voices, so innocent and pure, lift me up and give thanks for being alive. 

Art is a way to express these emotions. There is a permanence within my art. Especially when you have engravings that carve this way and that. You put those emotions into each curve, creating them lovingly, and then express that love to the world. 

I put that love into my art. By using my voice and art to help others, I can continue on my journey and create beautiful art. This way I have a true love for others who deal with the same struggles. By loving myself I can help others love themselves again. My loving heart can bear the sorrows and make me strong once more. Check out my heartfelt and beautiful art.  

Creating Beautiful Art to Overcome Pain

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Female artist holding a brush and paint palette to express her pain through art.

Pain seems to be part and parcel of human life. What is it really like to experience and overcome pain? And is there really a limit to being hurt? Well, these are controversial issues. People have unique ways of dealing with pain. Creating beautiful art happens to be one of them, and Jessica Unique Art shop got you on this.

What’s My Story?

Anyone who’s suffered any kind of abuse seems to feel that there’s no end to being hurt. I can compare it to living in a cage that has a way in but no way out. Living in an abusive situation or relationship is challenging. You feel like you have no voice to really explain how you feel. I mean, people tend to think they really understand what you are going through, but they don’t.  My abuser almost killed me were it not for my eight-year-old daughter. I thank God for her saving voice. I should have named her angel because, for sure, it was the voice of an angel. And I survived.

The Passing Storm

The storm came and passed. After all, life does not stop even with the worst happenings around. Today, I am more than happy to share with others what I have overcome. Overcoming pain means loving yourself first to have a genuine love for others dealing with the same struggles in life.

Creating Beautiful Art

Isn’t art just wonderful? It is a unique way of communication. It expresses the feelings, thoughts, as well as observations of the artist. Having overcome the storm, I still have a life to continue on my journey to create beautiful art. It’s what I enjoy doing.  

Bottom Line

I have original artwork as well as unique engravings. If you deeply connected with my story, so will you with my art. Check it out on my website and blog. You can also contact us for additional information and inquiries.