I Survived the Storm: How Creating Art Has Helped Me Through

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Painter's tools on a wooden-table palette showing different colors of paint and paintbrushes.

In the now distant past, an angelic voice called out to my abuser: “Do not hurt my Mommy!” That angelic voice was from the lips of my eight-year-old daughter. I should have named her Angel. That is what she is to me, an angel. Because of her call, I was saved from a storm, the fate of a death where my remains would have been hidden away forever by the hands of my abuser.

How I Survived the Storm

I lived in an abusive situation. During that time a storm came brought forth by my abuser and did its damage. So, my heart lived in a cage. I had a key to enter the cage. Once inside the cage, the key changed. I no longer had a key to get out. Deep inside my soul, I cried out. I had no voice to explain my feelings, what I was going through. There seemed to be no end to the pain from the one who hurt me.

The day my daughter used her angelic voice, I found another key to open the cage. I left the cage and flew away. Now, I’m like a bird soaring through the air, kissing the winds with my wingtips. Sunshine fills my life after God had protected me on that fateful day.  

I begin the journey of healing by loving myself. My loving heart bears the sorrows of life and makes me strong again. Now I have a voice to speak up, share with others who also struggle with the same obstacle I overcame, and I love them too. I survived the storm. I am alive, happy, and grateful. Today I can continue on my journey of creating beautiful art. I can do this all because my daughter spoke up for me and saved my life.

See the beauty I have the privilege to bring into this world through doing my art by contacting me. I’m happy to answers any questions about my art.